The Signal is Strong

(extended version, re-recording)


“I’d like to make jokes about Terry Riley and Teddy Riley. Or no, it’s not so much a joke, I just enjoy mentioning both of their names in one sentence"

The Signal is Strong started out as a presentation at Van Eyck in 2016, where I was asked to talk about what inspires and informs my work. I wanted to share some of my thoughts on music culture, broadcasting, shoutouts and self-presentation, but instead of only talking about it, this presentation is an attempt to ‘do’ or ‘embody’ this in the format of the presentation itself.

In 2017 an (extended version) was presented by invitation of Sparta, at the Kunstakademie in Düsseldorf. The audio only re-recording has recently also been broadcasted at Sparta Radio as part of the exhibition Something Stronger Than Me* at Wiels, Brussels.

Originally there were also videos and images involved, and as often I include quotes, citations and recordings of many others; from a fragment of a Spike Lee movie to an audio performance by Nancy Holt. Please find the full track list below.

- Radna Rumping, dec 2017

Track list

Video: Mica Levi – Interview for New Music Biennial, 2017
Video: We Love Roll Call Y’all – Do The Right Thing, Spike Lee, 1989
Music: Terry Riley – Persian Surgery Dervishes, performed in Los Angeles, 1971
Image: Seth Price – New Jacxz Swijnge, 2001
Quote: To Live and Die in E5, interview w/ Dean Blunt – The Wire Magazine, 2015
Image: Jeremy Deller – The History of the World, 1998
Quote: Mary Overlie – The Six Viewpoints theory (from previous website), 2016
Music: DJ Sprinkles – Midtown 120 intro, 2009
Video: Icy Lake – A Night Slugs x Fade to Mind Short Film, 2013
Video: Sun Ra – A Joyful Noise, 1980
Video: Ol Dirty Bastard Bumrushes Stage at 1998 Grammys, 1998
Video: Meredith Monk – Turtle Dreams, 1983
Music: Dean Blunt – Forever, 2014
Reading: Radna Rumping - Least Described / Interlude 2, 2016
Video: Nancy Holt and Richard Serra – Boomerang, 1974
Video: Adrian Piper, The Mythic Being, 1973
Music: Dean Blunt & James Ferraro, Watch The Throne 2, 2013
Quote: John Kelsey - The Self Employment Rate, Rich Texts, 2010
Image: Mehraneh Atashi – The Place Where I Live, 2014
Quote: John Kelsey, Unclaimed Bags Will Be Destroyed, Rich Texts, 2010

Image: still from Boomerang, performance by Nancy Holt and Richard Serra, 1974

Artist / Organisation: Radna Rumping
Location of the show: Sparta / Kunstakademie Düsseldorf
Host: Radna Rumping
Length: 35 min
Language: English

Broadcasted on 20-12-2017 at 00:00.