Take Me On is a sound project by Leila Arenou, Oona Linke and Laure Jaffuel, dealing with the creation of podcasts and events relating body to sound.

TMO releases every month a new episode online that focuses on the relationship between abstract and physical matters. It is accompanied by photographies of its authors staging and embodying the monthly subject. The sound medium is used to explore this connection, giving at the same time a point of view, fragmented but precise, on unexpected subjects. Inherent seductiveness, immediate engagement: it is a tool whose multitude of layers open to a new but accessible lecture of our environment.

Parallel to the podcasts, Take Me On also produces sound performances bringing together body and sound, humour and seduction, pop culture and women empowerment.

Take me on SUN Tracklist :
1. Intro : Son Lux - Easy
2. Parvathalu Mountain - Sound of the Sun Om - Youtube video
3. NASA - Recording sound of the Sun
4. James Ferraro - Million Dollar Man
5. Space School - The Sun - Youtube video
6. Future Dust - Fire! (Thylacine Remix)
7. Sunshine by Danny Boyle - movie Trailer
8. Sun Ra - When there is no sun
9. The Hollow Sun by TerryO Studios - Short movie extract
10. Pye Corner Audio - Lost Ways
11. Jordan Maxwell - Basis Religion, Sun worship - lecture
12. Resi Bender and Natacha Mankowshi - interview about SUNO project
13. Demut - Vermout
14. Resi Bender and Natacha Mankowshi - SUNO Space Experiement - recording extract
15. Jungle - The Heat
16. Thomas S. Hines - Architecture of the sun : Los Angeles modernism 1900-1970 - lecture
17. Elon Musk - Solar Roof by SolarCity - lecture
18. Caribou - Sun
19. Nancy Holt - Sun tunnels installation - documentary
20. Goran Bregovich - Ederlezi - The time of the Gypsies movie soundtrack
21. Melon - Summer (Indian summer live mix)
22. Howstuffworks - Why folks loves sun tanning? - Youtube video
23. Hey O Hansen - Die Sonn und der Mond
24. Phoenix city, Arizona - The Valley of the sun - documentary
25. History of summer - The tan and the bikini
26. Cigale singing sound recording
27. Polo and Pan - Canopée
28. Bonga - Mona ki ngi xica
29. Murgana Federation song group - Singing the land of Pyrros
30. Nadine Artemis - The Great Sunshine Swindle - The Life Stylist Podcast extract
31. Serge Gainsbourg - Sous le soleil exactement

Image: Image by Coline Dolore / Eye+Eye

Artist / Organisation: Take Me On

Broadcasted on 07-11-2017 at 00:00.

Take Me On