We launched our podcast in late 2018, featuring new artist contributions and, more recently, highlights from our archive. It is currently hosted by Arif Kornweitz & Andrea Gonzalez, with a jingle by Josh da Costa.

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Season 3: STUDIO

We bring our podcast studio to different cultural organisations and invite artists to join us.

17 Birna Björnsdóttir

Birna talks to Andrea about the need for artist-run platforms.

16 Bruno Zhu about A Maior

A curatorial program set in a home furnishings and clothing store in Viseu, Portugal: Bruno Zhu talks to us about A Maior.

15 Groaming Gallery: Art in a Backpack

Andrea and Arif talk to Groaming, a roaming gallery in a backpack.


Season 2

Two studio visits.

14 Why do we think that the past is dead?

We visit Milena Bonilla’s studio to hear about Rosa Luxemburg and granite wrapped in amaranth, the flower that resists. Milena’s research-based practice is currently invested in epistemological colonialism and the different ways it affects organisms, language and social structures.

13 The real and the possible

We visit Martín La Roche’s studio to hear about the Chilean protests and constrictions of the imagination. We also listen to a voice message by Fernanda Aránguiz M. about the real and the possible, titled ‘Qualia’.


Season 1

Hosted by Radna Rumping and Arif Kornweitz, featuring voice messages (artist contributions) and highlights from our archive.

12 Time to Slow Down

Teresa Cos sent two voice messages: a sound version of her work in progress "The Monarch", followed by the spontaneous "Plan B".
Arif and Radna think about reflecting forward.

11 Nights

Steven Warwick sent a voice message: "List of the Kings and Queens of the Great Britain"
Ivan Cheng spoke to Sadaf for Sonic Acts.

10 Crystal Pyjamas

Yoojin Lee sent a voice message about sloths wearing algae.
Mark von Schlegell reads at The Well in De Ateliers.

09 One in To Dimensions

Holly Childs sent a voice message.
Sara Giannini speaks about Ode de Kort's exhibition UU TWOO at de Brakke Grond.

F08 How To Be Generous

Katherine MacBride about composer Pauline Oliveros.
Richard John Jones about filmmaker Barbara Hammer and with a reading of John Giorno's "It Doesn't Get Better".

S07 Wolves

Ceel Mogami de Haas tells a tale.
echo+seashell sent a voice message.

L06 Play Favorites

Becket MWN sent a voice message.
Immy Mali read letters to her younger self at the Rijksakademie van beeldende kunsten.

C05 Do you have a dog?

Voice Message from Jacob Dwyer &
A contribution by by Abraham Araujo titled "A Letter To God, Even If God Won't Read The Letter: Major Tectonic Shifts Going On" &
Bonus material by Daan Gielis

S04 Pearls

Voice message from Sara Giannini
Monira Al Qadiri reading at the Rijksakademie in 2016.

C03 Modern Love

Voice message from Mehraneh Atashi & Geo Wyeth
Love in the age of online dating with Tamar Shafrir & Füsun Türetken

C02 What I Wanted To Tell You

Voice message from Monica Tormell
What I Wanted to Tell You by Radical Cut-Up

C01 Eating Crisps

Voice message from Ivan Cheng
Radio Software Piracy by Luis Rodil Fernández

J00 Sonne statt Reagan

The intro where Arif & Radna listen to Joseph Beuys singing a song.