Marres Tourist Office


This show consists of 5 episodes:

For four summer days, we were part of the exhibition Marres Tourist Office. We spoke about boredom, listened to stories, called artists who were on vacation and, of course, there were a lot of guests:

  • Hans Aarsman shared why he rather stays home
  • Jesse van Winden gave holiday tips
  • Amie Dicke talked about her travel guide
  • Christine Bax read a story about disaster tourism
  • Curator Yvonne Grotenboer and director Valentijn Byvanck spoke about the exhibition
  • Artist Frank Koolen told us about the Raufbold tour
  • & more

We also contributed some tips to the Mini Summer Fun book:

Exhibition text: Marres Tourist Office

Crowds of people take a yearly vacation to relax, go on an adventure, party, and get a breath of fresh air. Way past a sunny day at the beach, the modern leisure industry offers space tours, Tinder trips, mindfulness cruises and ecology flights. Some vacationers take a short break from a stressful job. Incidentally, they reorganize their lives forever. Most return with fresh resolve to continue their daily life. Vacation has thus become an intricate part of our working routine and is characterized by the same desire for stability, physical comfort, and a lack of surprises.

Marres Tourist Office offers new stimuli to the tourist. It offers spiritualism to the needy, friendship to the lonely souls, and a reboot to counter boredom and fatigue. The Tourist Office will feature a walk through Maastricht with an audio guide by Frank Koolen, a picknick in the backyard with blankets designed by Kim van Norren and Mike Moonen. You can also build your own castle with LEGO® stones in the work of Krijn de Koning. During the weekends you can enjoy a full programme consisting of lectures by Hans Aarsman, performances by and with Wiel Kusters, a sensory meeting with the work of Doina Kraal and live radio shows by Ja Ja Ja Nee Nee Nee radio or relax during a dj-set by Mike Moonen.

An exhibition with Hans Aarsman, Maarten Bel, Teresa Cos, Roger Cremers, Anna Frijstein and Nicola Godman, Ja Ja Ja Nee Nee Nee radio, Krijn de Koning, Frank Koolen i.c.w. Dier In Bedrijf, Doina Kraal, Wiel Kusters, Mike Moonen, Claudia Sola, Derk Thijs and Anneke Walvoort. Marres Tourist Office is composed by Yvonne Grootenboer.

Image: Claudia Sola, videostill Anywhere But Here (2016)

Artist / Organisation: Marres
Location of the show: Maastricht
Host: Radna Rumping, Femke Dekker, Arif Kornweitz, Reinier Klok

Marres Tourist Office