Dream Out Loud

The Choices Made


Critical debate in conjunction with the exhibition
Dream Out Loud - Designing for Tomorrow’s Demands

It has long been a tradition for the Stedelijk Museum to host a bi-annual exhibition (the Municipal Art Acquisitions) that highlights current developments within a particular art discipline. Approximately 400 designers responded to an open call. A jury eventually selected 26 participants, whose work features in the exhibition Dream Out Loud - Designing for Tomorrow’s Demands, curated by Lennart Booij.

Dream Out Loud focuses on artists and designers whose practices involve exploring new approaches to relevant social issues, as well as innovative use of materials. In the fall of this year it will be announced which works will be acquired for the museum collection.

During this debate, Chris Reinewald, Jaap Huisman, Jeroen Junte, Lennart Booij and Lilet Breddels discussed the choices made within the exhibition and the the way the works concretely address and present the design issues of the future. To what extend can design contribute to solving problems like pollution and global inequality? Do the designs have to be useful and cheap? And can they still be tongue in cheek in these times?

Image: Helmut Smits, The Real Thing 2014, A distilling installation that turns Coca-Cola back into clean drinking water. Made possible by Synthetic Organic Chemistry Group, University of Amsterdam and TU/e, Photo by Ronald Smits

Artist / Organisation: Stedelijk Museum
Location of the show: Amsterdam
Producer: Reinier Klok
Length: 83 min
Language: Dutch

Broadcasted on 04-09-2016 at 16:00.

Dream Out Loud