PLAYTIME show #2

The Elastic Exhibition


For art institutions, the need to be visible, quantitatively as well as qualitatively, becomes ever more pressing. But what is the value of that visibility, K_nstvl__ wonders, and what innovative strategies exist to reach audiences? For PLAYTIME, K_nstvl___ invited over twenty experimental project spaces from both the Netherlands and abroad, to present their visions within an elastic exhibition concept.

During PLAYTIME, it is time that is divided, not space. On Sunday, May 21, every invited project space will create a very temporary presentation in the Royal Foyer of the Stadsschouwburg. This elastic exhibition will unfold for the audience during the day, like the scenes of a play. The mediation between art, artist, organization and audience thus takes on a new meaning, for the entire ecology around exhibiting is visible.

In the second broadcast of the day:

  • We talked with Stefania Petroula about the first 'dance' workhshop she gave, and how her dance lessons are part of her practice as an artist.
  • Ronald and Ebby of the Rainbow Soulclub explained the rol of the Soulclub in their lives, and of art to life in general
  • Ticho Brouwers talked about how the opulent Stadsschouwburg foyer was the perfect room for an idea he had earlier
  • PLAYTIME master of ceremony Ivan Cheng briefly joined us to explain his approach to host this unusual exhibition
  • Ju Hyun Lee, Ludovic Burel and RGKSKSRG's Kate Strain talked (amongst other things) about how being in residence, or commissioned to make a work can shape your practice

Artist / Organisation: Kunstvlaai
Location of the show: Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam
Host: Femke Dekker, Radna Rumping, Riley Roosblad, Chris Jacobs, Sjoerd van Leeuwen
Producer: Reinier Klok, Valentin Noiret
Length: 62 min
Language: English

Broadcasted on 21-05-2017 at 15:00.