A Long Conversation with Different People


Matthijs Booij talked to Tanja Ritterbex who talked to Cian-Yu Bai, Matthijs Booij talked to Gijs Assmann, Mehraneh Atashi performed with Bea McMahon, Casper Schipper talked to Thomas van Linge, Matthijs Booij talked to Marian Cousijn who then talked to Gabriel Rolt and Wim van Krimpen.

Presented by Gabriel Rolt, Patty Morgan and Ja Ja Ja Nee Nee Nee.

Recorded live on May 28 at the Amsterdam Art Fair.

Artist / Organisation: Patty Morgan
Location of the show: Amsterdam Art Fair
Host: Matthijs Booij
Producer: Reinier Klok
Length: 96 min
Language: English

Broadcasted on 28-05-2016 at 13:00.